AFTER SCHOOL TANTRUMS: Why It Happens & What To Do | 28

In the psychology world we call this "after school restraint collapse" but in real life this looks like your kid being a hot mess after school:  

  1. Tantrums/meltdowns  

  2. Grumpiness/moodiness 

  3. Anger 

  4. Yelling 

  5. Refusing to listen  

This often happens because if you think about it, all day long, our kids are trying to holding it together. They try their best to keep their true, messy emotions to themselves so that they can do well in school/daycare and we love that for them.

But what that often results in them feeling exhausted, overstimulated and drained when they return home, especially for kids who are adjusting to a new school, routine or longer school day.

In this episode, I share exactly how to prevent and manage after school tantrums!

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