The BIGGEST Positive Discipline Mistake Parents Often Make (and What to do Instead) | 26

The biggest discipline mistake you might be making is ... Pretending your boundaries and parenting decisions are solely based on your kids and what's is best for them. It's easy to rationalize that our boundaries have more to do with what's most logical or responsible, when truthfully.... a lot of times, our boundaries and parenting decisions are based on OUR emotions.

➡What we as parents need

➡What we as parents prefer

➡What we feel most comfortable with

➡What we think is most socially acceptable And that's nothing to be ashamed of. We are humans, after all! I think we just owe it to our kids to be honest and upfront with them. Or else, we run the risk of them feeling ashamed and to blame for every - little - thing.

Also, constantly blaming our boundaries on our child also creates unnecessary distance in the parent-child relationship that is completely avoidable.

So in this week's episode, I’m going to break down:

✅Exactly how to take this approach without raising people pleasers or making your child feel responsible for your feelings!

✅Why this approach actually does more to empower your kids and leads to more connection in the parent-child relationship!

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