SMOOTH MORNING AND EVENING ROUTINES WITH KIDS! | How to Get Your Kids to Listen During Routines | 24

It's the morning time, and you need your child to get dressed, brush their teeth, eat breakfast but every where you turn, they refuse.

Or what about bedtime when it's time to do the same thing, get dressed, brush their teeth, go potty, and hop in bed.... Nope, they'd rather jump around and play.

It's no secret, routines are one of the hardest parts of parenting.

They are the perfect breeding ground for POWER STRUGGLES.

We need our kid to do something that they probably don't want to do and it has to do with their BODY. We obviously can't skip routines, so how do we get through it without a fight??

In this episode, I'll share

✔Common reasons kids resist routines

✔3 tips to increase cooperation and cut back on power struggles during routines

✔A free resource that will help you if/when they refuse to cooperate

//FREE DISCIPLINE GUIDE: Age Appropriate Discipline for Toddlers & Preschoolers:


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