3 Secrets to Taming Your Child's Aggression | 20

Aggression is overwhelming, confusing, and triggering... Am I right?

Oftentimes, when kids feel overwhelmed and can't find the words to communicate their feelings and get their needs met, they resort to aggression (whether that's hitting, kicking, biting, throwing, etc).  

During the toddler and preschool years, this is especially common because at this age they:   

-Lack the communication skills. -Are easily overwhelmed and frustrated.

-Are incredibly impulsive. They are about the here and now and rarely plan ahead.

-Self focused and have a hard time stepping outside of themselves to see how their behavior will impact others.

-Have a healthy need for power, control and independence. Given their age and abilities, though, they are often not able to do what they want to do.    

In this week's episode, I share 3 secrets to preventing and taming childhood aggression!  

Now keep in mind, secret # 3 might look different if you have a young toddler who is not yet communicative. You can still tell the story for them, establish clear boundaries (e.g., "Hitting hurts.") and help teach them the words to get their needs met, though, so don't skip these steps!

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